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What Does "Free Delivery" Really Mean?
Well, That All Depends... On You

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we started offering free delivery back in April, 2020. We made our free delivery policy as simple as possible:

(1) Place a $20 order of food/alcohol with us directly +

(2) Live within a 2-mile radius of the restaurant =

(3) Free Delivery

We still get asked, "What does free delivery really mean"? Let us try to explain all the details with free delivery:

We Deliver

"We" means "us"—the owners and employees of Sushi Fresh Ventura. "We" only deliver if you order directly from "us" by using our online ordering system or calling the restaurant. If you use a third-party website to order food/alcohol from our restaurant, we have no control over food delivery.


If you order from us by using our online ordering system or by calling the restaurant directly, when we say it is free delivery, we mean that. There are no hidden fees or upcharges. We don't automatically include tips or delivery charges unless you live outside that 2-mile radius from the restaurant. If you use a third-party website to order our food, we have no control over added fees.

Delivery Available Within a 4-Mile Radius

For those of you that live outside of the previously discussed 2-mile delivery radius, we do offer deliveries out to 4 miles from the restaurant (see image) but there is a charge:

  • 2.1–3.0 mile radius: $5 delivery charge

  • 3.1–4.0 mile radius: $7 delivery charge

At checkout, our online ordering system automatically determines the delivery charge, if any.​

Our Prices

If you order from our online ordering system or by phone, you get the same prices as if you were sitting in—or outside of—the restaurant. If you order from a third-party website, we have no control over the prices.

Contactless Delivery

For delivery orders, we prefer payment by credit card using our online ordering system. This allows for contactless delivery. If you do pay by cash, our drivers carry limited change.


The staff at Sushi Fresh Ventura thanks you for your patronage, and tips are also greatly appreciated and can be added to your bill. Your delivery driver may be tipped separately when he or she arrives with your order.

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