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Condiment Law, California

Effective June 1, 2022, under the new law, Bill 1276 prohibits “a food facility from providing any single-use food ware accessory or standard condiment, as defined, to a consumer unless requested by the consumer.” The law will apply to takeout orders.

This includes, soy sauce packets, chopsticks, utensils, napkins and all sauces apart from sauces that are part of the roll.

Layman Term

Starting June 1, 2022, You'll find no more chopsticks, soy sauce packets, napkins, any other sauces (with the exception of the sauces that come with the food) or utensils in your TOGO orders UNLESS you tell us what and how many you would like. Please don't forget to ask us.

We can't ask you anymore if you would like any. Otherwise, we will get fined.

Thank You,

Sushi Fresh Ventura

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