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No jars. No cans. No bottles. At Sushi Fresh Ventura, we create our own sauces, marinades, and dressings by hand. Our secret homemade recipes include:

* Spicy BBQ pork marinade

* Teriyaki marinade

* Teriyaki sauce

* Eel sauce

* Sesame miso salad dressing

* Ponzu sauce

* Spicy mayo sauce

* Mango Tango salad dressing

* Hawaiian Poke Bowl sauces

* Spicy mustard egg roll sauce 

Teriyaki Sauce

A kettle of teriyaki sauce simmers. Fresh ingredients include oranges, onions, and garlic.

Eel Sauce

It is no easy feat making eel sauce. The recipe is complicated and the simmering and mixing can sometimes take days. Our chefs patiently monitor the maturing process of this delightfully delectable sauce that accompanies most eel dishes and several other rolls served here at Sushi Fresh Ventura. Some customers love it so much they ask for a side soy dish of eel sauce to dip other items into it!

Sesame Miso Salad Dressing

Our saucier whisks a bowl of our unique sesame miso salad dressing. Although it requires refrigeration, if you love our dressing and would like to enjoy it at home, it is available in small quantities in to-go packaging. Please ask your server for pricing. 

Barbecue Beef Marinade

Our homemade spicy beef marinade used on barbecue beef ribs.

Chicken Marinade

Our custom chicken marinade used on our chicken thigh meat.

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