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Our chefs love to create new pieces of edible art. Here are a few pictures of their favorite masterpieces. 

angie roll.JPG

Angie Roll

assorted sashimi.JPG

Assorted Sashimi

yellowtail carpacio.JPG

Yellowtail Carpacio

hot mama_edited.jpg

Hot Mama

rainbow roll.JPG

Rainbow Roll

fire cracker roll_edited_edited.jpg

Firecracker Roll

giant roll.JPG

Giant Roll

lime salmon sashimi.JPG

Lime Salmon Sashimi

salmon sushi.PNG

Salmon Sashimi

tuna sashimi.JPG

Tuna Sashimi

snow roll_edited.jpg

Snow Roll


Chef Specials Board



feta tuna sashimi.JPG

Feta Tuna Sashimi

uni royale.JPG

Uni Royale

salmon rainbow roll.JPG

Salmon Rainbow Roll

eoffel tower 2_edited.jpg

Eiffel Tower

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