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Introducing the All New VEGGIE-RITO

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

If fish is not your thing, and going to a sushi restaurant with family and friends leaves you feeling left out, Sushi Fresh Ventura has something just for you: The all-new VEGGIE-RITO! Connect with your vegan | vegetarian | whole food, plant-based self with this delectable combination of flavors.

Our Veggie-Rito pays homage to the burrito: Wrapped in lettuce and soy paper with yellow pickled daikon, the Veggie-Rito is stuffed with mixed greens, tomatoes, pickled jalapeño, crispy fried onions, avocado, and creamy sesame dressing.

The Veggie-Rito was created by Jhon, our talented head sushi chef, and will debut on the menu beginning Memorial Day, May 31. $12.90

We open daily at 11:30 am with last call Sunday-Thursday at 8:30 pm & Friday-Saturday at 9:30 pm. And don't forget: Happy Hour specials available 7-days-a-week at Sushi Fresh Ventura!

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